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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather/Pacquiao" Express!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
ok re****.
LOL. Find me some evidence that suggests I am wrong and I will admit my theory on what happened isn't sound.

Oh wait, you won't be able to.

Also, according to this. As soon as he heard about the positive test he was retested, probably within days of the fight, and it came back negative. It seems to me that this likely was a one time **** up rather than a career long process. Why would he suddenly fail ONE test in his entire career if he was roiding the whole time? Because he was only roiding ONE time and it was because he had a dirty trainer in his corner for the biggest fight of his career. Also, if you knew anything about the steroid he was caught with. It's in ORAL form, hence it would make it VERY likely that Vargas' story checks out. He said his nutritionist was giving him oral supplements in camp, which he had never done before in his career.

But, to each their own.
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