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Default Re: Floyd Tested POSITIVE Three Times for Steroid Use!

Originally Posted by Collie View Post
I do believe there is some weight behind the writer here, but I'm just interested to see if it is being reported elsewhere too. I'm not going to take it for gospel. Though usually there isn't smoke without a fire. It's hard to know yet, it wouldn't surprise me either way, I reckon a lot of top boxers may be on something or other.
Dunno if it's posted here (I'm not going to wade into this whole pile of hijacked **** of a thread), but Mike Woods of TSS had picked up this story too. ****storm's brewing...

I do think it is worthy of its own thread, seeing some of the putrid threads that exist. It is newsworthy and even though it may be whiny at Mayweather, I think it should be there in its own thread for people to see because I reckon a lot of posters don't come in here to this thread (including myself) often if at all, so they mightn't see the article.
I agree. Sad that *****ngs are desperate into dragging Pac's name into a news that did not involve him and making it one big Pac**** vs. *****ng ***wars, just to hijack a brilliant investigative piece--when Floid is just one piece of the bigger picture. Misdirection of the most deliberate order.
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