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Default Re: Is Wladimir the most athletic HW champion ever?

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
How is that ridiculous? Sanders didn't want a rematch with Wlad; he didn't want to honor the options with Universum because I bet the financial terms were pretty ****py.

Sanders lost the German lawsuit and it was ruled he had to fight under the banner of Universum for a total of 4 times. Which never happened.

And Wlad was ducking him? When Sanders ran off, signed with Lewis/Ogun (for a better $$$ deal) and fought Vitali? And openly said he will *NOT* honor the Universum options?

Tell me how that means Wlad "ducked a rematch".

BTW: How old are you? Have you ever signed a contract (other than for a mobile phone) in your life? Have you ever been a party in lawsuit? You seem quite na´ve about the entire matter.
Sanders didn't lose the lawsuit according to what you posted. And how exactly did Sanders run off? The burden to seek a rematch is on the loser...Wlad never did that. How could Sanders have fought Vittles in his very next fight with this lawsuit going on but he couldn't have fought Wlad if Wlad was looking to make the rematch? If anyone is being naive, it's you. You have no links that show Wlad wanting a rematch. Universum lost their lawsuit. Sanders fought Vittles in his next fight, who has always been with the same promotional firm as Wlad. All you're spewing is conjecture. What I have posted are facts.
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