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Default Re: Ricky Hatton comeback on Primetime....what a ****ing rip off. Will you be buying

Originally Posted by The Chosen View Post
If it'd been hyped to hell on Sky and was being shown on Box Office I doubt many people would be complaining. I never understood the "I already pay for Sky etc" argument to hate on another broadcaster. It was that mentality amongst football fans that killed Setanta and the best boxing coverage this country has ever seen. "I pay 35 for Sky Sports, why should I pay Sky another 10 a month to watch more PL games and England, it should be free, Sky are a rip off charging us for Setanta"

If you hate Primetime's ****ty coverage, fine, but you can't hate on them for charging what Sky would have done anyway and you'd have had no qualms about paying for that.
I do agree with your argument actually.

I really resent having to pay so much to see the boxing across all the various channels, but to blame one indvidual channel is unfair.

They are all as bad as one another (although Sky may be the worst because they charge the most and show so little for that price! ).

People have used the same argument to criticise Boxnation.

Its not fifteen pounds (or ten pounds) on top off.

You don't need Sky to get these other channels do you?

Its ten or fifteen pounds alongside IMO.
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