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Default Re: Cameron looking weight drained already - photo

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
on that photo alone I cannot agree that he looks weight drained TC
He had to loose about another 2kg prior to the weigh in today, he sat in a hottub this morning and sweated out the extra 2kg he needed to drop. This is not a healthy thing to do prior to a fight. He looks gaunt in the face, his skin is sagging on his face and he has lost a considerable amount of muscle mass in his arms. He hasnt just cut up he has canabalised due to insufficent calorie intake in order to make dannyweight.

i guess we shall soon find out within a couple of rounds of the fight. I belive that the longer this fight goes on the worse a weight drained Cameron will look. I am guessing rounds 3-4 he will begin to feel the affect of droping so much weight in such a short period of time. The weight he does put on in the next 24hrs is dead weight and wont really help him during the fight.
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