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Default Re: George Foreman best bareknuckle fighter ever ?

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Everything I wrote is accurate. I lived through the 70s and watched all of Foremans bouts during that time. Just because one fighter or 3 or 4 lasts the distance does not change the truth. Foreman was a tremendous physical presense in the ring. At his best he would be a difficult opponent for anyone in any era to beat.
Foreman never knocked Peralta down in 20 rounds and it's not like he didn't land either. Foreman had power but there is no reason for it to be mythologized the way it is. The entire myth of Foreman the destroyer is a house of cards, at best. I think Foreman is held up this way largely to prop up Ali's legacy, but that's another matter.

In his prime, Foreman was able to beat two limited though prominent fighters in Frazier and Norton with overwhelming physicality. But the reality is that Foreman could barely box. And whenever he met someone who could box and had a good chin, he was in trouble. I could also mention the little caveat that most of Foreman's stoppages throughout his career were against complete bums. And that many of them were under 200 pounds or otherwise not natural heavyweights.
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