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Default Re: Ricky Hatton comeback on Primetime....what a ****ing rip off. Will you be buying

I'm quite happy that it's on Primetime actually, not being subscribed to Boxnation.

It was always my intention to renew my sub to Boxnation everytime a big fight came about but then they introduced the 20 registration fee so I jacked that idea in given it'd cost me 30 a pop.

It's unfortunate Sky Box Office ain't around anymore seeing as they were the only channel to broadcast in HD and we now have to be subjected to the even worse commentary on BN/Primetime. That said, I suppose it was the ethical response given the backlash of the Haye/Harrison fight which caused them to close down.

Either way, Primetime > Boxnation for me so I'll be getting it.
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