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Default Re: did angelo dundee know how to box????

I am a pro scientist, not boxer, but I do box as an amateur many years
You may find it odd, but I think there are lots of similarities between boxing coaches and scientific mentors. There are two types of guys. Majority play teachers by paying attention on your mistakes only, who constantly play experts and critisize you. Minority guys are more patient, close their eyes on your mistakes, rather acknowledge every time you do something right. Personally, I prefer working with the second type.

By his own admission, AD was the second type: 'critisism is ok, encouragement is better". I guess this interview gives the best opinion about AD: [ame][/ame]

Those who advocate mitt work too much - at early stage it can break a fighter. With it, you will produce clones, not unique guys with talent. I seriously doubt ALi and SRL would develop their great talents if they started doing mitt work early. Also, swap mitt routines between Manny and Floyd, would this do any good? I remember Ricky Hatton hired Floyd senior and they did floyd cascades, but it did not help Ricky.
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