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Default Re: Kessler "Ward Has No Guts "


Yes the 175 division is hardly brimming with talent. But it's a new challenge. Winning titles in a 2nd weight class, would be more of an achievement than fighting guys you've already beaten at 168 in my opinion.

If Froch and Kessler moved up, I think Andre would be more open to the rematches, especially if one of them won a belt. You're making it sound like Andre's is running from them? He's already beaten them. I'd like to see him move up and rematch Chad at 175, and fight Clev, if he keeps progressing.

Why would he reject Pascal? I think your being harsh. If Pascal fought at 168, Andre would probably be open to a possible fight. Pavlik and the 175 fighters, would bring Andre a new challenge. Even if the fighters at 175 aren't as good as Kessler and Froch, it's still a fresh challenge. I like Carl, and him wanting a rematch with Andre, just shows you the make up of the man. He's a warrior just like Kessler. But I don't see how you or anyone can criticise Andre for not being up for it, when he's easily beaten him, less than a year ago. It doesn't make sense.

Andre is the man. Froch and Kessler want him, because he's the best, and they want redemption. But again, what does Andre gain? It would be a huge fight from their perspective, but not from Andre's.

What attitude? He's won the Super Six, and then fought Chad, in what many people thought would be a great competitve close fight. Give the guy some slack. If you were Andre Ward, would you fight Carl again now? I certainly wouldn't. Depending on what happens, they may fight somewehere down the line, but as it stands, you can't blame Andre for not being interested. He's beaten Carl, and has nothing to prove

Regards, Loudon.
You know Ward said him and Kessler have unfinished business because of the controversy... I dont care if Ward would have won with or without the headbutts (who really knows what would have happened). A rematch should be arranged...
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