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Default Re: Pacman v JMM on Primetime!!!

Originally Posted by Claypole View Post
I actually agree with you in that watching boxing in HD isn't the great experience some might make it out to be. As I said, a good SD broadcast is fine, the difference is far more noticeable with a **** channel like Primetime who compress there transmissions more than others.

However, HD broadcasts are fairly standard now so it's perfectly reasonable to expect Primetime to offer it, especially considering what they charge.

An HD broadcast will have more resolution, and should have more depth and better colour rendition than SD. It should simply look better, although this may or not be important depending on what you are watching or how fussy you are.
Yes it is not important to me.

Now, if the picture was in black & white..? that would bother me.

HD is overrated.

I have got a digital HD TV, the picture is good enough.
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