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Default Re: So what evolutions do you expect to see in MMA?

None in terms of skill set, these are pretty much the limits. You'll get a fighter who will raise the bar, mainly due to a physical attribute like Andersons reflexes, Penns balance, GPS's core strength and so on but those are rare.

Or you'll get a guy who will be a specialist, who is just so much better at one thing than anyone else, with wrestling having the obvious advantage and Cormier, who is a novice at MMA, being a good example

The all rounders which are sure to develope training in MMA in the years to come will always be at a disadvantage against a specialist. MMA is becoming slowly who's got the best wrestling, and if that's equal, who's stand up is least ****

But the transitions from stand up to ground work is much smoother than it has ever been and that's a major plus. But the reality is you'll get a few posts in this thread using my favorite buzz word, ''evolve'' but on a whole Ive noticed the high level skill sets getting watered down. But that's because, to state the obvious, guys have to train in so many different disciplines from the outset of their careers rather than perfect one then add more tools later
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