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Default Re: Broner> the overrated Valero

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Lol at the Broner guys

"get used to broner being the face of boxing"

Oh great, you know Broner is talented, but yeah lets have another few years with an assclown as the "face of boxing", because the Mayweather era hasn't ruined boxing enough.

Oh, but "slick and black baby" so it's all good

People aren't going to put up with it much more, they aren't going to be shelling out for PPV on this ****.

People want the next Mike Tyson, not these lil' midgets running around being all slick and black, and losing their girl to 50 cent

it's a joke

a humiliating joke
Shut the **** up *****. You always got something slick to say about black boxers. Broner is the truth and is great for the sport and I'll be here to rub it in your ****ing face after every Broner fight. I know your black boxer hating ass can't stand it and it keeps you up at night. Broner a G. Deal with it ****boy.
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