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Default Well Done Amir Khan

Amir Khan has just been asked one question that all fighters will get asked, at some time in their careers. And people can put a negative spin on it, but Amir Khan got up, and continued his fight. I gave 1 round to Limond, Amir Khan totally dominated the fight. He was too fast, to skillfull. He was Hit with a combination of punches, and he tripped over his own feet and it was a totally mess. Amir Khan was hurt, no question about that. But he came through it, he won the fight, he knocked "Limond" out of the fight, Broke his Jaw, and his Nose, really smashed him up, lets be real about this, Limond was having hardly no success. Amir Khan may not have the punch resistance of Oliver Mccall. But you don't give away Olympic Medals, Amir Khan can box, and he can fight. If people want to know, who one of the bad men of boxing was tonight, Amir Khan was one of them. He is 20 years old, he was asked a serious question tonight, and he came through it. Give him his credit, Give his credit he is the commonwealth Champion. He has just broke the Jaw and Nose of Limond, he was a bad man in that ring.

Tonight he came to fight, and God dam it Amir Khan won it.

But if you people are going to be bunch of ****ers, there is no hope for any fighter.

Well done Amir Khan.
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