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Default Re: So what evolutions do you expect to see in MMA?

The sport will continue to evolve but we are still seeking the point where all of the fighters understand all ranges of combat. There are still too many specialists and MMA centric fighters that understand two or three ranges - but not them all. For example we often see wrestler/punchers which means they understand grappling and how to punch someone really hard - but then those same fighters will lack complete understanding of submissions or be completely susceptible to kicks. Or we will see the vale tudo fighters that specialize in muay thai and jiujitsu - but then they will have weak takedowns and perhaps sloppy hands or lack straight kicks. Now that is an oversimplification but I am just doing so to make a point. The future of MMA sees a landscape where every fighter is a Jon Jones. Every fighter is an Anderson Silva. Every fighter is a GSP. we're seeing them come up now with well rounded fighters like Frankie Edgar, Anthony Pettis, Jose Aldo, etc. . .
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