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Default Re: Ricky Hatton vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko Countdown - IT'S FIGHT WEEK! 5 DAYS TO GO!

Really beginning to get excited with this. I know lots of people are feeling underwhelmed but I'm really getting pumped for it. Down the local boozer, pint in hand screaming at the telly like a true ****-head Hatton fan.

However, when ****ysing it I've got to be realistic.

I think Ricky takes a points win. I think he'll start well, he may even knock Senchenko down early but because of all the weight he's took off I expect him tire and be unable get the stoppage.

It's interesting this fight is only going to be 10 rounds, that's better for Hatton because expect him to be absolutely knackered by the end. If it were going the standard 12 then the chances of him losing would be significantly higher.

Senchenko for me is very basic, lord knows he got a world title and held it for so long. Senchenko will come into the fight once Ricky calms down a bit after a few rounds of bashing him about. I think he'll probably win the last couple of rounds but Hatton will be able to see it out to the end and pick up the decision win.

Afterwards I can see many people calling for Hatton to pack it in again because this fight will will show us Ricky isn't what he was. Age takes it toll on every fighter, especially if that fighter has lived on a diet of lager and chips for 3-and-a-half years beforehand.
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