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Default Re: Andre S.O.G. Ward would have given prime RJJ FITS and outpoint him 10-2 / 9-3

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
That'd be true with Froch/Kessler.

But Ward's inside game is too much for Roy, Roy has never dealt with someone as good as Andre SOG Ward.

Never dealt with a beast with a vicious inside game like him (Besides Calzaghe and Calzaghe gave him a ****ing schooling of a lifetime)

Roy CAN'T FIGHT vicious rough inside fighters, that's a fact.
Nah I disagree. RJJ was the master of dictating distance and while Ward is great at this as well, he would be out manuvered by Jones who had superior foot speed. Not to mention the edge in reach hand speed power and reflexes. He would have Ward shelled up unable to get off and when he tired to get inside he would get picked apart and Roy would be gone. Roy's ATG athletic ability would be too much for Ward here, he's the definition of a stylistic nightmare for Ward if there ever was one.
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