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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
Nobody avoided your question idiot..Dont get mad at me because you cant find the cure for your sore ass!

Its gonna burn you up when Ward keeps dominating...Deal with it hater!
It won't burn me up at all, i'm a big Ward fan and always have been. He will eventually become P4P #1 and reign for many years before becoming an ATG imo, IF he takes on the right challenges at the right time.

I am a Brit, and was disgusted for many years with Joe Calzaghe's reign. Him staying at home avoiding challenges abroad rubbed me up the wrong way, and - after a great start to his reign - Ward is falling into a similar trap. A weight drained Dawson and a drunk Pavlik isn't a great way to start post tournament life.

I don't want to (and won't) turn this into a ridiculous Brit vs US thread. That happens too often on here and is pathetic - we're supposed to be grown men debating boxing, not 12 year olds. I also don't want to criticise Ward, as i'm a big fan and he's made a fine start to a career which will eventually become legendary imo. Wins over Froch and Kessler are absolutely superb, in any form.

That said, if Froch and Kessler were to have a second fight, the winner of that would be the clear #2 in the division and the clear challenger to Andre Ward. If it was Froch aswell, he'd be ranked very highly P4P, certainly top 10 where many already rank him. If Ward were to challenge himself and defeat Froch in Nottingham (where he'd have beaten unbeaten versions of Pascal, Dirrell and Bute, aswell as Kessler) then it would increase his standing even more. I don't think for a second that Froch would beat him either. Ward wins a wide decision over Froch or Kessler whether it's in Oakland, Vegas or their respective backyards imo. So why not prove it? Great champions take risks, and Ward has the potential to be one of the very greatest imo. I hope he fulfills it.
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