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Default Re: Cameron looking weight drained already - photo

Originally Posted by CapsLock View Post
weighing up all factors and going off what i have heard from greeny's sparring over the last month in melb. i see cameron ko 4/5/6.

a lot of people in boxing (the usual suspects) have unloaded their wallets heavily onto a cameron KO. i know one in particular has backed 20 large on the cameron KO, and hes a guy thats cleaned up on many an aussie fight

it may be even earlier than i have said and the KO may be a brutal one.

green is shot to pieces, cannot take a punch anymore. is old. cameron will have 10 kegs on green when they step in the ring.

cameron will know he aint gonna get a points decision coz green will run the whole fight and not stand and trade..the minute cameron lands, and he will land, he'll knock green clean out

i dont expect cameron to come out wild, although he will certainly be pushing hard to engage from about the second round he'll up the auntie like a motherfcuker.

i guaran-****in-tee it
i hope your right
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