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Default Re: Andre S.O.G. Ward would have given prime RJJ FITS and outpoint him 10-2 / 9-3

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
I'll disagree with this too, yes it is evident that RJJ's hand speed is faster than Ward's, I'm going to disagree with reflexes/foot speed. If you watched Ward fight Abraham/Bika/Froch, you could see insane speed coming in and out of the pocket, dictating distance like a God. Ward is insanely fast for a super middle, with great ring generalship.

It would be an outboxing lesson.

And it's not like Ward is feather fisted, you can't knock Dawson out with feather fists. He BROKE HIS HAND 6 days before his fight with Froch, and that could be a reason that he couldn't finish that fight. But then again probably not, Froch has an IRON chin.

I don't think he's a stylistic matchup for Ward, I think the opposite. Roy has never fought an inside fight with as much skill as Ward (Possibly Calzaghe and he couldn't deal with it at all).
What you fail to realize is that the fight wouldn't be fought on the inside it would be fought on the outside. Ward would have to go through hell eating hooks trying to get inside. I just don't see him being able to pull it off consistantly against a guy with quicker feet faster hands better reflexes and a master at dictating distance.
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