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Default Re: Freddie Steele Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Where does he rank among all time middleweights? The guy was nails with great power. Sure he loves his right hand. But if you had a right like he did, you would love it, too.

Here he is KO'ing Vince Dundee who had never been stopped before, knocking him down 11 times...

Here he is dispatching Gus Lesnevich, future LHW champ...

A big time power player in my opinion. A broken sternum brought an end to his run at the top even though he fought on. Then the war came.
A few observations : Life AND boxing was far crueler in the old days as witnessed by the brave referee allowing the fight to continue after Vince Dundee was floored ELEVEN times before stopping the contest...
Was there ever a braver performance than Vince Dundee gave that night after truly being out on his feet after the first knockdown ?
Freddie Steele was almost unbeatable in his first 10 years in the ring.
The era of the 1930s produced great MWs like Freddie Steele, Al Hostak, Tony Zale, Jock McAvoy, Marcel Thil, Billy Conn, Teddy Yarosz, Solly Krieger, Georgie Abrams, Fred Apostoli, Ken Overlin etc ,ALL who would be MW champion today and according to a Nat Fleischer who saw them all
would be vast underdogs to a Harry Greb from a decade earlier...Lest we forget...
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