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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
It was Ricky who said he wouldn't fight Broner in the States?

Not once have I bad mouthed Broner,apart from when I said if he fought Duran in a fantasy rematch,Cholo would scalp him and brush the hair in his hands whilst doing the interview with Larry after the fight.

I rate Broner very highly,and just like the added weight helped Ricky,it looks as if Broner is getting even more benefit.

Why the hate for Ricky and again,what would you all have said if the shoe was on the other foot?

It's a big rancid stinking double standard and you all know it.
they're yanks, what the hell did you expect? hypocrites, **** talkers, deluded... etc, etc

that's the kind of talk you get from them.

i don't even come on this site all that much because of it. it's grotesque and insulting.

broner is from a long line of american cowards who refuse to travel, so it will be up to burns to do so. which he will...

the yanks insult people by calling them stay at home fighters, when they're the worst for doing it. it ****ing ****es me off with the amount of delusion on display. i hope ricky goes over there and gives him a good hiding, but we all know that the corruption will be on full display making it very, very difficult to get a fair win. it stinks.

what is it about "international" that they don't understand? everyone has to do their bit, but the the cowards just sit back and put up their usual arrogant front. **** them and their double standards and hypocrisy!!

rant, over.
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