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Default Re: Why are people complaining? Broner over Froch, it's simple.

Originally Posted by Dedication View Post
Broner just moved up a division and beat the top guy with ease.

It's laughable that all these people here are complaining.

What has Froch done other than lose to Ward, Dirrell and Kessler?

Since when do fighters get props for losing?
DeMarco was the top guy according to?

Froch lost to Ward and Kessler, Carl Froch SD12 Andre Dirrell.

Plenty of fighters get props for losing when they take on top competition, no one at 160-175 would get close to beating Ward at the minute so no shame in that, and the fight with Kessler was a war.

Originally Posted by Dedication View Post
Pascal - who had he beaten at that stage

Taylor - shot fighter, who hadn't done anything significant at 168. Also he still schooled Froch for 11 rounds haha. That's like saying Khan should get credit for beating Judah.

Dirrell - green fighter... who had he beaten at that stage

Johnson - old, ancient fighter

Bute - best win was against someone Carl Froch already murdered

Abraham - his best win at 168 was over a shot fighter that Carl Froch had already knocked out

Who else?

Robin Reid - haha!

Let's face it, this guy is good but overrated.
Pascal- Nobody great, but then again who between losing to Froch and beating Dawson (I'd be very surprised if you didn't have on your P4P list before the Ward fight) did he beat who was worth mentioning?

Taylor- Beat Jeff Lacy in a WBC eliminator (No big deal I know but still not that bad)

Dirrell- Think he proved against Froch that he is very tough to beat.

Johnson- Yusaf Mack and Allen Green in his last three bouts.

Bute- As much as I think he was protected and felt although Froch would win that bout he was far from favorite and Bute was regarded as #2 in the division.

Abraham- Was still regarded as a power puncher, made Dirrell visit Dr.Shawhi

Stop twisting **** to fit your agenda, the most legit thing you could have posted is that a two division champion should be ranked above a one division champion, however to say that you would have to rate Ricky Burns as high as Broner, now if you think they deserve to be rated the same fair enough Broner > Froch, however if you are going to say Broner > Burns the only way you can do that is by saying Broner has fought a higher standard of competition which would therefore make Froch > Broner.
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