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Default Re: LOL Freddie Roach vid flips out, vid from today

Originally Posted by MattMattMatt View Post
Hmm, I don't think so.

If this was one of the Mayweathers we would be seeing countless *****s exclaiming G status.
True....You have to admit, that was kind of "G" how Freddie went from 0 to 100 faster than you can blink. Parkinson or not....I still think Freddie could take care of some business, straight up.....All these old boxers turned trainers could put in some work against some unsuspecting average Joes who are snoring on their ability to handle themselves.

I heard a story about Jack Dempsey once....apparently he had a Restaurant in New York for some time....when Jack was in his late 60's he was "Mugged"...well some unsuspecting, would be robbers looked at this gray haired, slightly over weight senior citizen and had him made out to be an "easy mark"....let's just say they ran up on Old man Dempsey looking to take his money bag but ended up in the ER then off to jail for their efforts. That **** was Gangster!
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