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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
Wlad is obviously not a joke of a champion as the HW scene has shifted to Europe. There hasn't been an American HW superstar in a long time. Most up and coming prospects are not American either and because of this, the Klitschko's are able to draw every contender to them in Germany. Nearly every other big name division is centered in America.

Burns can stay in the UK all he wants, he doesn't have to fight Broner. He could build his name fighting domestic talent and go to America once the offer is sweet enough and he has a name. The point is, eventually, if he wants to become a star, it is HE who must travel to the US. It's because of this fact that if he were to insist that he is never going to leave home, he could become Calzaghe level at best, and it would be a joke.

Another thing to consider is that people are touting Broner as the next Mayweather. This isn't a comparison that is often made, and whether it becomes true or not, it is a big deal. No one is touting Burns to become anything close to that. Because of each fighters respective potential future, Broner DOES have a lot more bargaining power, regardless of whether or not people think he doesn't have defining wins.

At the end of the day,until a decent offer is made to Burns, no one has the right to say this isn't a double standard.I've said for weeks this fight may not happen because Ricky has no drawing power over there, so Broner can make more money fighting a non-champ then move up to better fights at 140,but then people say I'm making excuses for Burns ducking.
Can you see the double standard?
And I don 't think Wlad's a joke,but no one's kicking down Ricky's door to go to Vegas and he's doing ok in the meantime.
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