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Default Re: Barreras cut vs Khan vs Bellew cut

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
The Barrera fight was a joke!

It was a terrible cut, and the fight should have been stopped straight away. Afterwards, you'd have though Amir had beaten a prime Barrera, the way he was talking. The guy's a complete clown!

He then went on to fight McCloskey, who was frustrating him, and making him miss, and then they stopped the fight, when there wasn't even any blood. An absolute disgrace of a stoppage! Then Khan says "I would definitely have gone on to stop him anyway!"

Can't stand the guy, and I can't wait for him to get knocked out again!

Regards, Loudon.
You can't argue that McCloskey would have beaten Khan that night, it would have been an easy win for Khan on points without a doubt. McCloskey has no hope at world level.

Not denying Khan's a tit though.
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