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Default Re: Who is Wladimir Klitschko fighting in March?

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Sauerland and Povetkin are saying they want to fight by the Feb 27th WBA deadline but Boente is saying there is an extension and seems like he wants to delay the fight until summer. After four years of Povetkin avoiding and the unimpressive opponeets he was stuck with in 2012 why wouldn't everyone in Vova's camp do everything possible to make it happen as soon as possible? Povetkin has the best resume of any other HW, is undefeated and is a pretty easy style matchup for Volodymyr compared to Pulev who he'll also probably have to fight next year.

Boente seems like a buisness guy who looks for the most attention or money and would advise Vova to fight Mitchell who has hype but no substance rather than a guy like Pulev who is actually quality and would be way more benificial to have on Vova's win column. Is my impression of him accurate at all or does he actually grasp a boxers true worth vs media hype/name recognition?

Aye. I wonder if they think he's not going to end up following through again and they're not going to bother an inch of stepping toward him.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Povetkin would of been a good fight a few years ago. If the current fat version of him shows up it will be another dissapointment.
Id like to think he get in the best shape of his life for Wlad, then that would be a nice fight for him and one id like to see.
Man, Povetkin is all fat now, in this incarnation.

229, there, for Rahman, like Huck, fat as ****.
After the Chambers match, 227, looking like David Beckham on the cover of British Brad Pitt Monthly.

Man, he has gained an enormous amount of weight and gone from naturally shredded to unnaturally, morbidly obese in these four years and two pounds.
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