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Default Re: Andre S.O.G. Ward would have given prime RJJ FITS and outpoint him 10-2 / 9-3

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
Ward's reflexes/foot speed/Boxing IQ completely trumps RJJ's and you can take that to the bank. And Roy has a GLASS CHIN, I can see him weakening after getting hit with a few left straights by Ward.

He's also a MUCH better technical boxer than he is with great head movement

He can movement around the hooks and completely thrash RJJ on the inside. It will be a easy fight for Son of God. RJJ's inside fighting was atrocious man and Ward would find a way to get to him.
You must be joking...

I don't even think Ward believes this..

And as for Roy's glass jaw.. Prime Roy was hit by MUCH harder shots than Ward has to deliver, and took them fine.

A few straight lefts??? Probably the only few punches Ward lands cleanly, again, James Toney had great technical skills, counter punches, and head movement, hit much harder than Ward, wasn't even able to wobble Roy...

At least Roy has beat fighters at least somewhat comparable to Ward, (Hopkins, Toney)

Ward has fought no one you can compare to even a near prime Roy Jones, that you can take to the bank.
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