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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
Can you name a conceivable advantage Burns has over Broner as far as who should travel?

Broner has the undefeated record, Burns has 2 losses to nobodies.

Broner lives in the capital of the boxing world, Burns doesn't.

Broner has big KO power at 84% KO rate, Burns is feather fisted at 27%.

Broner has the youth at 23, Burns is already 29 and hasn't done a whole lot.

Broner just moved up in weight and destroyed the #1 guy in the division to take the title, Burns has the...WBO title.

Broner has superstar potential, Burns seems destined for domestic level fights.

This thread is boring now.
Well you know where to go...
Has GBP made Burns an offer,decent or otherwise?
Is Cincinnati the new boxing capital of the world?
Should KO percentage matter in negotiations?
So Floyd is obviously going to have to start giving ground in negotiations?
I know you and I have had our moments Slyk,but I had come to think that you're trolling on K2 was just an aberration,and you had a bit more about you tha most of the bad minority of K2 fans...
But your last post indicates I was wrong
And it seems that the large number of people who have you down as a typical Klit****/ignorant bigot were right.
Ah well.Can't win em all.
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