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Default Re: Rigondeaux fighting on Pac undercard?

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
That was not going ballistic. If it sounds like I was going ballistic, that only magnifies how my calm tone in reality can seem over the top because of such a ridiculous matter. Because it is ridiculous to say that.

I wasn't speaking about you, rather the several posts on the first page directly stating a "duck" or some sort of fear.

I also think Donaire vs. Arce and Rigo vs. Poon should be on the same card, but hey, I won't argue with making a PPV better. If you pay, you should receive quality.

I do have to wonder how prepared Poonsawat will be. He already only had like 5 or 6 weeks to train when the fight was signed, and now one week less. The same can't be said for Rigo, as Rigo knew he was fighting before years' end weeks before the fight was signed.


And I don't know what the parenthesis (as well as nishioka) means. Is he ranked ahead now after Donaire dominated Nishioka? Sure. Was he ever as deserving as the #1 at 122 before his Lee loss as Nishioka was after? No. Donaire's win over Nishioka is better than any outcome Rigo can have over Poonsawat. It is not debatable.
Poon is ranked #2 at ring magazine( Nonito the champ and Rigo#1) he is been more than 280 wks in the rankings.He is in better shape than Nishioka who was coming from a whole year layoff and retired right after the fight.
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