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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
Insult me if you like. I, and many others in this thread have used logic to answer your question. You have refused to acknowledge said logic and reasoning and continue to stick to your broken point as if it were irrefutable. You have shown yourself to be uncompromising in the face of reason; you use childish and illogical retorts, and it really isn't worth continuing a discussion with you.

Don't make yourself out to be a poster looking for reasonable debate when you have concisely shown you are not capable of it.

Have a nice day
Like I said, just because you've said it don't make it so.I've used perfectly reasonable retorts but because you don't agree then it's childish.You're the only one who keeps trying to argue yet I questioned your last post yet you seem unable to answer my questions.Then you try to dance round the houses with passive aggressiveness.
You only slate Burns because he's British.
And could you elaborate on the Cincinatti thing?
I'll catch you in the morning since you keep saying you're bored with the thread yet can't stay away.
Check out the other thread on the same subject then let me know how that worked with the "people agree so it must be true"
Toodle pip.You can have a free dig at me even though you're bored with the thread.
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