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Default Re: i cant believe that boxing is really more rigged than i thought.

Originally Posted by locard View Post
Hmm, it makes you wonder.

DeMarco certainly fought like a total moron, like he was begging to get knocked out.

why was he so insistent on fighting Broner on the inside instead of using his superior reach? he was failing hard yet he kept doing it. Over and over again.

Nah, DeMarco is probably just dumb
I was wondering why he fought like that as well.. But it looked like Broner was getting to him regardless, he probably figured the only way to come out with a win was to catch Broner with something big in an exchange.. Looked like he tried, just couldn't get to him...

My only reasoning for him to fight like that.. If it wasn't that, don't know what the **** he was thinking.
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