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Default Re: Joe Louis's resume is very poor

The strength of Louis's resume is built on

1. Longevity at the top

2. His record claim to most title defenses

3. Devastating nature of his wins

His opposition is what I would classify as " decent. " Its nice to say that he beat 6 guys who held the heavyweight title at one time or another, and a handful who held the light heavyweight crown as well. But some of those guys were less than impressive champions. Braddock took a step up at the right time and elevated himself from journeyman level, and became a genuine contender at the time he challenged Baer. But it wasn't until two years after he won the belt that he fought Louis, and was inactive in between. Carnera was a big man, but not the most graceful or durable. Baer was dangerous, but lacked defense and skill. Sharkey was finished. I suppose Walcott and Schemling were genuinely good wins and Buddy Baer's size and power would always have to count for something. Overall it was a great resume. His opposition has never been a favorite of mine however

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