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Default Re: What would all of the bull****ters hating on Ricky Burns have said if...

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
Can you name a conceivable advantage Burns has over Broner as far as who should travel?

Broner has the undefeated record, Burns has 2 losses to nobodies.

Broner lives in the capital of the boxing world, Burns doesn't.

Broner has big KO power at 84% KO rate, Burns is feather fisted at 27%.

Broner has the youth at 23, Burns is already 29 and hasn't done a whole lot.

Broner just moved up in weight and destroyed the #1 guy in the division to take the title, Burns has the...WBO title.

Broner has superstar potential, Burns seems destined for domestic level fights.

This thread is boring now.
i'm not going to make loads of posts on this subject as i know through experience that it's pointless... your post is evidence of that. others have talked the most embarrassing **** also...

a lot of people think that broner has two losses also. but what the **** does having a couple of losses early in your career got to do with it? what a stupid thing to say.

what!!?? the capital? man, you're crazy! he doesn't live in the capital of boxing you dunce! get it out of your head you arrogant fool, that an international sport consists only in america.
the brits created the rules of boxing, the marquess of queensberry rules... does that mean we should be as grotesquely arrogant as you and claim that we are the whole world of boxing? of course not you ****ing ego maniac.

holy ****! you lot become more and more embarrassing by the ****ing day.

you're now using age!? why not go by the one who has more ****s on their ****? you are an imbecile of epic proportions.

broner didn't beat the NO.1 guy. burns is the NO.1. he has the more proven resume than anyone at lightweight. that is a fact!

superstar, based on american hype! before you go putting him on any P4P list, let him earn his stripes first. is burns a superstar? no. and he has a better resume than broner.

there you go again! domestic level? an aussie, a puerto rican, and someone from namibia, are domestic level?

you're a ****ing insult to intelligence! an embarrassment!

people like you need to **** off away from this site... maybe it wouldn't be a poison haven, then.
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