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TC, cameron is a heavy. he will be about 10kg bigger than green when they step in the ring. the idea that you could have a valid point, goes against all other evidence of your posting record. youve never won an argument and even PWNED yourself on numerous occaisions.

you are rooting for a kiwi heavy over a near 40yo aussie!! talk about a turncoat!

cameron is a well established heavy that ASKED FOR THIS FIGHT AND WAS HAPPY TO FIGHT AT THIS WEIGHT. he's now covering his ass by saying 'dannyweight' in case he loses.

when in fact, it is green that is in the no win situation. he is the one fighting a heavyweight. if he loses, **** wits go ha ha, if he wins they blame camerons weight loss, not greens courage to fight a bigger man or his performance.

your total lack of being able to give green some credit for taking these big fights, taking his wins and losses equally, shows how much of a degenerate you really are.
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