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Default Re: ***** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 *****

Anyone think that for 2013, I should create seperate threads for the Peoples Championship, Wagers, and the WBK title.

I have a feeling when things get rolling for the new year, volume and traffic will be very high. Not sure if the high speed the thread moves sometimes bothers you guys, if not I will keep it like usual for next year.

Otherwise, maybe having seperate threads for the WBK and Peoples Championship, would be useful, as it would be less cluttered. Thats not saying I wouldnt post who the champions are in this thread, its just that most of what goes down with those two titles would be in their respective thread.

Im just thinking of the days where we get close to 100 posts in a day.... things are moving so fast with different discussions, ect, ect. Would be more streamlined if certain things had their own threads for discussions (example, if wagers had their own thread.... think how much more oganised and easier to know whats going on it would be)

However, I am by no means sold on this, just an idea floating around my head. If nobody is bothered by how fast the thread moves sometimes (which is an awesome issue to be facing, shows we are growing, and also that our core members are active) then by all means, I will keep it the same.

It was just in case this was an issue many members were not liking and not saying anything about, because I know that sometimes for me, lets say Im gone for a few days, its hard to keep up with the thread sometimes.

It would be something like
- Regular updates
- Links to the wager thread, WBK thread, Peoples Championship thread, ect, would be posted after every rankings post.
- Champions and h2h (wager) leaders would be posted with the rankings, its just all the info, like the h2h records, wager stats, peoples championship legacies, ect, would be posted in their respective threads, along with the challenges and whatnot.

If not, just ignore this and things will continue as normal. I just have a feeling that if things go smoothly, we will have a very fast pace and high traffic thread in 2013 that may leave some members feeling that its too fast.

Just ideas, nothing Im sold on. Its not even something I even actually want to do, Just food for thought.
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