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Default Re: How do you rate tonight's performance in terms of GSP's career-best fights?

Originally Posted by CrimsonBeast View Post
good point. if anybody can beat Jones now, its Silva. If silva does it, he will become GOAT and having no reason to keep fighting.
I have no doubt Silva beats Jones, I think He'll knock him out to be honest. I'm a huge Jones fan and not so much Silvas but Anderson is operating now where no MMA fighter ever has. His technique is absolutely tight, His stand up is in a whole different level, toying with contenders. His BJJ and prevent game is there. If this fight is not spent 100% on the ground, He would crack Jones.

This is Danas fear, Jones is his future cash cow and the LHW division is getting old. He cant afford Jones to look bad and have Silva retire (who is not close to being warm with Dana to begin with). This fight is a potential two division killer.

Meanwhile at WW, let be honest GSP isnt the most exciting champ. He's great for Canadian fans but thats why Rory is being built up for to target that demographic. Hendricks might become a cash cow, the guys electric.
This division has actually become deep in GSPs absence with plenty of prime fighters whos capable of beating each other any given night. You can actually hold a tournament at this division.

GSP is being forced by Dana and its obvious, Dana was declaring GSP/Silva w/o GSP knowing about. Ive never heard GSP uttered I want Silva next and yet we are promised a May fight.
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