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Default Re: So what evolutions do you expect to see in MMA?

Originally Posted by KERRIGAN View Post
Hopefully we will see less Glass in the jaws of MMA fighters.
I know you like to troll this point, but I will still respond.

That is not going to happen at the same rate it would with a pure striking art. For example, in boxing your choices are to get punched and quit, get ko'd, or win a decision. There are no contests, draws, and disqualifications; but those don't really change the skill set. In a certain way, you are limited by how well you can take a strike. The same limit holds true in mma, but unlike boxing, in mma there are more ways to avoid taking a strike. Boxing's best fighters have iron chins when compared to the rest of the population. I would bet that world class boxers that are considered "weak chinned" have vastly superior punch resistance to the average person. I will never make the argument that all top mma fighters have equal chins to top notch boxers.
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