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Default Re: This... is my training log

Started off at cyac with a good 100 pushups (;
30 minute run

3 rounds of reaching for the goals
3 rounds of frog jumps
20 pushups cuz some dude was being stupid
8 rounds of crates
8 rounds of rapidfires

Then I went out back with the big boys with some circuit kind of training. About a minute each set
3 sets of sprints
3 sets of jumping over little bar things in a line (20 pushups for knocking one down)
3 sets of ropes
3 sets of lifting a big wheel and flipping it over
3 sets of pullups
3 sets of crates
3 sets of bar raise things
30 tiggers

6 laps around gym

(3 min rounds)
2 rounds of reaching for goals
1 round of mountain climbers
3 sets of 15 pushups
2 sets of 15 dips
50 tiggers

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