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Default Re: Floyd mayweather juicing yes or no one word!?!

Originally Posted by Vidic View Post
Floyd will say whatever will suit him the most at the time, he genuinely seems to have some feeling about the testing as you can see with a few of the video clips wherein he is talking about fighters being hurt in the ring due to cheating

However he's not some moral authority, he asked Pacquiao to take tests, probably just as leverage in negotiations, Pacquiao, I think, unexpectedly refused

So Floyd jumped on it, and jumped on it hard, and created a campaign to clean up the sport, along with GBP, because it served his interests at the time

My point is, if you are a man who is juicing himself, I very much doubt you do that, because I certainly wouldn't

You just don't draw attention to something illegal that you yourself are doing, it's like, the number one rule in getting away with things
I agree the whole "clean up boxing" campaigned served Floyd's interest...GBP aligned themselves with Floyd because it made smart business sense.

How can you not draw attention to yourself when your a man like Floyd "MONEY" Mayweather? Floyd isn't "Joe Blow" from around the way. Floyd's addicted to attention....his actions wouldn't fit the mold of someone like you or I in a similar type situation.

PAC did agree to additional testing all the way up to the fight. The problem was Floyd and USADA's hardline requirement of blood testing right up to the day of the fight. PAC wasn't cool with that...and the rest is history.

The problem with that is "WHY" Floyd wanted blood testing all the way up to the fight? It's not doesn't increase chances of identifying any particular drug that urine ****ysis can't trace.

Ask yourself how all these athletes who have we know have been doping over the years been caught? It wasn't blood tests.....The reason that WADA's testing protocol along with other organizations like the NBA and NFL do urine ****ysis 90% of the time is because it's the most effective and efficient way to catch someone who has performance enhancing drugs in their system. It's also more cost effective.
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