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Default Re: So what evolutions do you expect to see in MMA?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post

My favourite bit was 'doing as much stand up as world class Muay thai'

If they did then they wouldn't have time for the rest. MMA guys will always have specialists but if anything guys are only going to get more well-rounded. That doesn't mean they'll be better at everything but only that you won't see guys with truly glaring holes in their game on the big stage and they will be better at blending the different facets of the game.

One thing is certain; the next decade is going to be very interesting.
i dont know a much about standard mauy thai training...but i will tell you that most boxers work out twice a day most days....they do a morning run..usually pretty hard...and than a late afternoon boxing workout..and sometimes late day/evening strength training. a MMA fighter could every well work out twice a would be tough with school..but it could be done..and plenty of parents could push the kids to do that....or...even a single 3 1/2 hour workout in the evening could get you close. Honestly I still believe the reason why many mma fighters have poor looking stand up is because they are guys who come from wrestling and tend not to do much boxing/striking. I think it also tends to tighten you up if your not also training for strikes. Eventually you are going to see kids coming in who have grown up doing both. The only problem may be if the kids are too good at boxing..because than they wll just go into boxing..unless the pay in mma starts to equal out with boxing.
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