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Default Re: I'm a bit concerned for The Ghost this weekend.

Originally Posted by DonnyMo View Post
Actually you should be concerned...Berto got beat by a very very medicore southpaw Luis Collazo who is slower and vastly less skilled than the ghost.
Collazo's claim to fame was having one good fight against a blown up ricky hatton in his first fight at welter...and losing every round to sugar shane mosley.

Berto could very well use his steroid strength and power to overwhelm the lightweight but i just dont see it, nevertheless HBO wont let him lose a decision because they need to protect him for a floyd fight.

Pretty much how I see it. Guerrero's the better boxer, but Berto's size advantage could see him just blow through him.

On a side note, if Berto ever gets a fight with Mayweather, I'll ****ing puke.
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