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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!


How many American's fought outside the U.S.? Two

Lots of people think that Dirrell was robbed.

What makes me think Ward would have won outside the U.K.? Because he's better than Taylor and Dirrell.

We've seen Andre outclass Froch in the final. Do you think he'd suddenly turn into Roy Jones if the fight was in Nottingham?

We know that Andre Ward had advantages over the other fighters. But that's because Showtime hosted the tournament, and Goosen got him home town advantages. Goosen put in requests, and Sauerland and all of the other promoters including Eddie Hearn for Matchroom all AGREED!

Do you think if Carl had have had the opportunity to fight all of his fights at the Nottingham Arena, he'd have said no? Ha! I don't think so.

Regards, Loudon.
so the answer is Zero? right?

you see youre using a trend...a trend that ward kept winning while conveniently forgetting another trend...americans kept losing on the road (lets not forget it was ward who flat-out refused to travel fighting exclusively in some town in the middle of nowhere). So what makes you assume your trend will be the one to keep intact and not the americans losing on the road one?

If Carl and Mikkel had been cowards liker Ward and refused to leave home, Ward would be still beltless, its cowards like Ward who ruin boxing. I have more respect for dirrell than I do ward.

Andre Ottke Ward
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