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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by perspicacity View Post
Bute fought Froch in the UK and there is a re-match planned in Canada. Froch fought Kessler in Denmark and has stated he will be happy to face Froch in the UK.

This is the way it should be rather than fighting the Mack's, Grachev's and Pavlik's of the World.

It would be cool to see Ward go to their backyards and fight them again, and especially seeing as they are calling him out to do so.

Plenty of fighters have re-matched an opponent having already beaten them convincingly so why are you Ward fanboys so reluctant to have him travel to Europe to take on guys who went to the states to face him?

What, because you'd rather see him face Pavlik like that's less of a waste of time?

Why is the concept of re-matches and foreign trips so alien to you ? .......... and especially when there is limited options out there?
You've made some good points, and hopefully he'll fight them both again. I'm only defending his right to have a break and take the fight with Kelly. He's earnt it.

You can't blame him for not wanting Carl again, when he's just outclassed him.

At the moment, the Pavlik fight is a better proposition to him.

Plenty of fighters have rematched guys they've outclassed, but in less than a year? If they haven't been obligated to?

Andre's just won the Super Six, and he's just fought Chad Dawson. Nobody knew Chad was going to be weight drained when the fight was signed. That was seen as an even fight. So like I say, Andre deserves a break.

Fighting Kelly at home, is a better proposition than going to Denmark to fight Kessler. But he has to fight the winner of Magee and Kessler, so we'll see what happens.

Regards, Loudon.
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