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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
so the answer is Zero? right?

you see youre using a trend...a trend that ward kept winning while conveniently forgetting another trend...americans kept losing on the road (lets not forget it was ward who flat-out refused to travel fighting exclusively in some town in the middle of nowhere). So what makes you assume your trend will be the one to keep intact and not the americans losing on the road one?

If Carl and Mikkel had been cowards liker Ward and refused to leave home, Ward would be still beltless, its cowards like Ward who ruin boxing. I have more respect for dirrell than I do ward.

Andre Ottke Ward
Ha! Zero from a grant total of TWO! Wow! Good point!

American's kept losing?

TWO FIGHTERS! One was robbed according to a lot of people.

He didn't fight abroad, because Goosen swung thigs in his favour. If Eddie Hearn could have done the same for Froch, Froch would have taken it.

Froch and Kessler HAD TO LEAVE HOME because Showtime hosted the event! They had to make concessions to try and win the tournament.

If Matchroom or Sauerland had have hosted it exclusively, then Ward would have had to travel at some point.

All of the promoters and fighters AGREED to the terms.

A COWARD? He's just won the Super Six easily and then fought Dawson, in what most people saw as an even fight when it was signed.

Why would you have more respect for Dirrell? Just because he had to go to Nottingham?

This forum is bonkers!

The guy that gets outclassed in the final, gets MORE CREDIT than the guy who outclassed everyone to win the whole tournament, just because he had to travel!

Lets give Ricky more credit than Floyd and Manny, because he had to travel and they didn't!
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