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Default Re: How do you slip the jab?

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
Slipping the jab, or any punch, is anything but a random accident and does not have anything to do with constantly moving your head. That is just wasted motion and that is how you get timed, because try as you might it is impossible to be random in moving your head. Plus, constantly moving the head will frequently leave you unable to punch, unless that movement comes from the feet.
I totally agree with all ur other stuff but this here is just total BS...

I know you've seen Nicolino Locche, Jersey Joe Walcott, Dwight Qawi, Jose Napoles, etc...

It's not constant constant. It's when u get in range. And, yeah, each movement of the head should put u in counterpunching position off the feet. But it is possible to keep it fairly irregular, which is all u need to keep the other guy from setting u up.

And yes, slipping without countering is a waste of getting into the ring. I like teaching my guys to jab and to slip separately at first, then put it together all the time. Move ur head and jab; jab and move the head. Then add counter hooks and crosses.

But head movement definitely makes it easier to slip the jab.
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