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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

I remember a lot of people here were convinced Dawson was going to do a number on Ward, "he's got pudding fists, too chinny etc". Dawson came into the fight around 185 pounds of got blown away mentally as much as physically. Froch looked a nervous wreck against him.

Idiots like Arran want Ward to come to England for a rematch for the sole purpose of travel , no other reason but to fight on forgein soil. Fact is ,it will just be another uncompetative fight with no benifit to Ward and just a waste of everybody's time and Ward will be blamed for taking an easy fight with somebody he already blew out.

Ward, his camp or anybody else in America dont give a **** about going to England and it wont affect him in any way.
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