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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Idiots like Arran want Ward to come to England for a rematch for the sole purpose of travel , no other reason but to fight on forgein soil. Fact is ,it will just be another uncompetative fight with no benifit to Ward and just a waste of everybody's time and Ward will be blamed for taking an easy fight with somebody he already blew out.

Ward, his camp or anybody else in America dont give a **** about going to England and it wont affect him in any way.
Such mentality alway makes me ask; if Ward is so obviously superior to Froch that a rematch would be a repeat of the first fight if not a greater one-sided fight in Ward's favour, then why dont Ward fans get behind the idea of him going to Britain and humiliating Froch on Froch's home turf?

Does Ward have to go to Britain? Of course he doesn't. A potential rematch, should it happen sometime in the future, would be just as big a payday, or even bigger, in the US and Ward is the King of the division so shouldn't have to go anywhere - not that that will stop people complaining, it certainly didn't stop people moaning about Calzaghe when he was King - but going to Britain and beating Froch in a shut out would destroy any notion of Ward being afraid of travel and it would ruin any credibility anyone ever gave to Froch being a legitimate challeger to Ward.

So, the way I see it, if Froch earns a rematch and Ward chooses to have it in the UK, and its as onesided as his fanboys are saying it would be, then Ward benefits greatly from it. He'd reaffirm his position as King of the division, prove Froch was never in his league, get a big payday and in the process render the chief criticism of him - that he wont travel - obsolete.

Yet all I ever see from his fanboys is: "a rematch would be worthless" or "its a waste of time to travel to the UK" or even "Ward and all American boxing dont give a **** about the UK".

As a side note, I highly doubt that Ward would get any greater level of respect if he fought the next seven or so years as an away fighter defending his title since Lennox Lewis did exactly that when he was Heavyweight Champ and he never got any extra respect for it, but I do fail to understand how anybody can say Ward's totally superior to Froch/Kessler or whoever but then make excuses for why he shouldn't prove it in their backyard if they earn a second shot at him - which is not to say that I'd think any less of him if he didn't, I just dont understand why people say he shouldn't if he could.
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