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Default Re: is Froch's resume really that great

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
I wouldn't go that far but i'd Favour Froch in a rematch

Froch has tightened up his game a little, and made some improvments since the Taylor/Dirrell days.

Also, excluding a two round sparring session against a tin can, Dirrell has been out of the ring almost as long as Hatton and he doesn't have anything in the works since that sparring session a year ago, he's basically not even a boxer anymore

I'd actually like to see that fight but I have a feeling dirrell is just going to be one of those guys who vanishes
This is all fair (and thistle explained his post already)

Dirrell isn't all that anyway. Bernard Taylor was not thought of fondly for his negative display against Pedroza all them years ago, nowadays that brand of stylist is lauded with 'pure boxer' accolades.

I'd prefer never to hear or see Dirrell's name ever again. Waste of time.
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