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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Arran View Post
wide decisions?

2 points over Froch

6 points over Kessler

Not the shutout americans claim they are. When is the glass passport Ward going to travel rather than fight in front of 8500 in Joakland?
Just because Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles scored it 115-113 for Ward doesn't mean it was that close of a fight. The judges don't always get it right. Ask Pernell Whitaker!!! Besides, do you HONESTLY (key word) believe Froch-Ward was a two point fight?

Secondly why the butthurt about Ward's travel? Does Floyd travel? Did DLH travel? I don't see Cotto and his fans demanding a re-match with Floyd in PR. Was the Hatton contingent crying about fighting Floyd in Vegas and then wanting him to come to the UK for a second bout?

Boo hoo an American who wasn't even favored in the S6 to begin with thrashed three Euro's on the way to victory and recognition as the best SM in the world. Get over it, no amount of whining or bitter tears will change that fact.
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