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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by BatTheMan View Post
That's right. If Kessler beats Magee he becomes Ward's mando and Ward has to defend before May 2013. As it stands I reckon that fight will go to purseoffers where there's a pretty good chance that Sauerland wins the bid on behalf of Kessler.
Yes, we'll have to wait and see what happens.

If that likely scenario plays out what do you think happens? Will Ward defend in Denmark or will he put his tail behind his legs and give up the belt?

I think the latter outcome is the most likely.
It depends what the circumstances are. If he commits to staying at 168, but gives up his title because he doesn't want to travel, then I'd lose a lot of respect for him, and he'll quite rightly be ridiculed.

But if he decides to pass up Kessler's challenge, to move up to 175, then that would be fair enough. But if he commits to 168, and Sauerland wins the purse bids, and he has to go to Denmark, then he has to go.

I think if he has to travel, he will, but while ever he's got a choice, then he won't.

Yes he did. Ottke was the no. 1 and Joe just didn't want to go to Germany.
Well I've read a few things over the years, and to be honest I don't think either fighter desperately wanted it.

In what way is America the home of boxing? What do mean with that term?
The majority of the Worlds best fighters are based in America, and bar the odd exception, they fight for GBP or Arum, and on HBO or Showtime in Vegas casino's. A lot of fighters have moved to America, such as Martinez and Pac etc. America is where the big money in boxing is. The majority of the biggest fights in the World are hosted there. This will never change.

Andre perhaps. Goosen made the ultimatum though. All fights at home or no tournament.
We don't know exactly what was said, but I think if the tournament had have been held in Germany or somewhere, I'm sure Andre would have gone in the end.

They where hyping the fight. Ask them whether they put real money on Dawson and I guarantee you that they did not. Particularly not after Miranda KO'ed him in sparring and all the rumours of weightmaking difficulties surfaced.
They probably didn't, but again, I'm talking about when the fight was signed. When the fight was first made, before the Miranda incident was leaked etc, and after Chad had promised he'd make 168 no problem, that fight was seen as an even fight, from all of the articles that I read.

Chad is a strong southpaw with very good skills. He was a big threat to Andre. As it turns out, something happened in camp, and it was a lot harder than he first realised. This is why I always defend Roy Jones.

Roy was 34, and had 50 fights. He came from 200 to 175, and everyone said it was an excuse. A pound to a fighter is a lot. Chad wasn't losing a lot of fat. When these stories of him struggling were leaked, like you say, it would have had a massive effect on the odds. Ward probably went into the fight the clear favourite. But as I keep saying, at the time the fight was announced, it was seen as a competitve fight, and it caused a lot of interesting debate.

Regards, Loudon.
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